Office Politics: Backstab!

Office Politics: Backstab!

Hero 51

Hero 51

Our sister site!

Our sister site!

Hello, we are the Little Drummer Boys.

Nice to meet you and have a great day ahead. :)


The Little Drummer Boy is a Mobile Games & Applications Studio based in Singapore.
We make things pretty, and pretty things nice.


Here at the Little Drummer Boy, we take pride in what we do.
We strive to make things look good and taste even better. Try it, it's 100% fat free.

  • The Little Drummer Boy

    The Little Drummer Boy

    Branding, Portfolio

    The Little Drummer Boy believes that the path that everyone takes does not make it the right path. The important thing is to march to the beat of your heart, daring to be different, daring to venture.

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  • Hero 51

    Hero 51

    Client Work, Mobile Games, Portfolio

    51, or Hero51, is the exciting simulation game that allows you to participate in helping the brave Fukushima 50 Heroes, who risked their lives to keep 4 Japanese nuclear reactors from meltdown.

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  • Office Politics: Backstab!

    Office Politics: Backstab!

    Branding, Mobile Games, Portfolio

    “Office Politics, you can’t avoid it. It can be found in the smallest Studios, the largest Corporations. It is a way of life. Embrace it, or be left behind.”

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  • Coming Soon

    Coming Soon

    Branding, Client Work, E-Learning, Mobile Applications, Mobile Games, Portfolio

    The drumroll never stops and the Little Drummer Boy never sleeps.
    Watch this space for more projects coming soon!

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Everyday is an adventure for us as we march towards our dream, following our heartbeat.
Join us in this wonderous journey to Neverland.

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As much as we would like to be in the image above, sadly, that’s not where we currently stand. ;P Still, it has been an exciting month with much blessings, let’s count them. Reached #2 – Singapore iPad Top Charts Reached #4 – Singapore iPhone Top Charts Maintained in top 25 in the Singapore Charts [...]

When we first started our journey as a developer, we often find ourselves googling a lot to find answers on how to setup an account for either the App store or Google Play. You did be surprised how hard it is to get the right answers. There is a lot of information scattered around google [...]

One of the key disadvantages of being an Indie Company with their very first app launch (that’s us!), is being visible to our potential customers. This will be a multi-part blog series to explore the different strategies we’ve deployed to help us get the visibility we needed to help sell our app! Part 1. Icon Design (This post!) [...]

It’s been 5 days since our app, Office Politics:Backstab, launched. We have made good progress and learned a lot about the App Store even though it was a short time.  We decided that it was time we share a bit of what we know and hopefully anyone out there will find it useful. Our Ranking [...]


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